Rock Your Look with Robin Jeans

While there are a wide variety of different styles out there today, the clothes you wear can say a lot about you as a person. Clothing can really reflect your inner person and show how much you keep up with the latest trends. If fashion matters, you want to make sure yours sticks out. Among the different styles, the one that you are after is a rock couture look, that kind of edgy expression that shows you live life on your own terms. Whether a man or a woman, you can’t go wrong with Robin Jeans.

Robin Jeans for Men

When you wear Robin Jeans for men, you are immediately taking a fashion stance and letting the world know that you won’t settle for just anything. These jeans are not just your boring blue jeans from the local department store. Instead, they are offered in a wide variety of colors and provide the latest distressed look you are after. Some are appointed crystals on the back or extra zippers along the pants to give that profound urban look.

Complete Your Outfit

Beyond the actual Robin Jeans for men, they also produce some of the other important parts of your wardrobe. Perhaps most notably, you may want to check out their wide selection of shirts. Like the jeans, these can be used to proudly display your fashion sense and let others know that you aren’t just another wanderer. Instead, you know what it means to look good and you have your priorities in order. For summer wear, you might also want to check out some of the unique shoes they design, or maybe even a hat.

Robin Jeans for Women

Similar to the selection for men, Robin Jeans for women take from all of the latest rock couture fashion trends and look to deliver an unmistakable fashion look. Most of these jeans are appointed with the signature Robin Jeans wing logo, which helps further distinguish them from your everyday wear. More than this, they offer all of the best designs and most popular colors. Whether it is black snake skin appointed with diamonds, or a simpler green army jeans with Swarovski crystals, you will find that they offer quite a large selection.

Get All the Right Styles

Again, the Robin jeans for women might be nice, but if you want to have the complete look down you may also consider picking up other fashion accessories. They make both tank tops and tees that proudly display the Robin Jeans brand name and further cement your impeccable fashion taste. Their signature Red Thread collection offers a chance to match one of the fashionable jeans with an appropriate hat. Once you complete this with one of those tees, you have an outfit without much effort.

So, whether you are interested solely in picking up a new pair of jeans or you need to get the rest of your summer outfit together, remember that Robin Jeans are definitely a good brand to go with.

Paint Tips on Canvas Shoes

Paint Tips on Canvas ShoesHonor the fruity mascots of spring and summer and make painted shoes featuring pineapple and banana silhouettes in just seven steps. There’s even a printable template for you to download, making this project an easy one to tackle one lazy weekend. All in all, your new shoes should take just an hour or two to complete, and afterward you’ll be enjoying them season after season.

Print and Cut Out the Fruit Templates

Download and open the printable banana template and the printable pineapple template on your computer. Print each template onto card stock, scaling the artwork down to roughly 8 percent, although this may depend on the size of your shoe. Use scissors to cut the template down to a small rectangle, leaving about 1 inch of paper border around the fruit silhouette. Carefully cut away the black part of the fruit printout with a razor blade or craft knife.

Trace the Banana Template

Lay the cut banana template on top of your canvas shoe. Trace the outline lightly onto the canvas using a black fabric marker. Lift the template, lay it on a different area of the shoe and trace again. Leave about 3/4 inch of space between each banana. Repeat the steps until you have achieved the desired pattern, turning and flipping the template as you go to create a random look.

Paint the Bananas Yellow

Squeeze a bit of yellow fabric paint onto a plastic paint tray. Use a detail paintbrush to fill in the center of each banana template, from the stem all the way to the bottom of each piece of fruit. If the ink from the marker bled a little bit during Step 2, paint up and over the line a small fraction with yellow pigment, thus creating a crisper black outline. Do not let the paint dry before moving on to the next step. You’ll have about 20 minutes before the paint starts to dry out, so work within that time frame.

Paint the Banana Stems Green

Before the yellow paint has a chance to dry, squeeze a bit of green fabric paint onto the plastic paint tray. Use the same detail paintbrush to add a bit of green on the stem of each banana shape, beginning with the first banana that you painted yellow. Start your paintbrush at the top of the stem and gently sweep down. Because the yellow paint is still wet, it will naturally blend slightly with the new green paint, giving the illusion of a real banana’s graduated coloring. You do not need to clean your brush in between, because the idea is to blend the colors slightly. When finished, allow the paint to dry for one hour.

Repeat the Steps for the Pineapple Shoe

While the banana fruit shoe is drying, pick up the second shoe and begin repeating the steps, this time with the pineapple template. Lay the template on the shoe at random angles and trace the edges of both the round section and the leafy section with a black fabric marker. Then, go back and paint the large round section of each pineapple yellow, and paint the leafy stems green. There is no blending required with the pineapple, so clean your brush completely with water in between colors. Allow the paint to dry for one hour.

Add Finishing Details

When the yellow and green paint on both shoes is completely dry, use the black fabric marker to add details on top of each piece of fruit. For the banana, start your marker at the end of the banana and slowly draw an arched line toward the stem, stopping it just before you get into the stem. Connect the line with the edge of the banana just beneath the stem. Repeat on each banana. For the pineapple, create a diagonal crisscross pattern across each round pineapple section. Repeat on each pineapple.

Allow the Ink to Dry

Allow the black ink from the fabric marker to dry completely for one hour, and then the painted fruit on each shoe will be waterproof and ready to be shown off outdoors.

Hairstyles Tips – Take Second Day Hair

Hairstyles Tips - Take Second Day HairWhether you went to the gym, overslept, or planned an unexpected date after work, there may be days when you don’t have time to wash your hair, but you still want to look put together. Here are six second-day hairstyles to try that require only a few minutes to achieve.

Braided Half-Up

Braided hair looks are actually easier to achieve with not-so-clean hair, as the hair has more texture and less “slip” as opposed to when it is freshly washed. Brush your hair and part it in the middle. Section your hair taking only the front area (bangs) and start to braid toward the back of your head. Do the same thing on the other side and then pin the two braids in the back with a couple of bobby pins as needed.

Low Chignon

If you prefer not to leave your hair loose in the back, try this variant of the previous style. Part your hair on the side that you prefer, and braid the front section (bangs). Then bring the rest of your hair to the side of the front braid, and keep braiding your hair into a low, side braid. Secure the braid with a ponytail holder, and then spiral it into a bun near the nape of your neck. Secure with bobby pins.

Messy Ponytail

This is a very casual style that works well if your hair has still some texturizing product residue in it, or if it is naturally wavy and frizzy. If your hair is looking oily, you may want to use some dry shampoo to freshen it up and add some texture and volume. Take the center section of your front hair and secure it with a bobby pin. If you like, you may tease the section before securing it for a more lifted effect. Pull the rest of your hair in a high ponytail and secure it with a hair band. For a more “messy” look let any short hair and side bangs loose on the side of your face.

Top Knot

If you tried the messy ponytail, but prefer having your hair tucked away, twist the hair around the hair band and secure it with hair pins to create a top knot.

Sleek Low Ponytail

This is a style that works well for most hair textures. Part your hair in the center and comb it until you have a smooth ponytail in the back. Secure the ponytail with a hair band. If necessary, use a little hairspray to tame short hairs. For a more formal look, use a small section of the ponytail (about 1 cm) to cover the hair band by wrapping the hair around the band and securing it with a bobby pin.

Backcombed, “Wet” Looking Hair

This easy hair style is perfect for an evening out, or any other occasion that requires a more sophisticated look. The only product needed is a hair gel (or a light hair oil) and a tail comb. Brush your hair through until it’s smooth and then add gel only to the front part of your hair and comb backwards. Leave the rest of your hair gel-free.

Ekmatra – A True Effigy of Indian Fashion

Fashion and style are essential aspects of modern lifestyle. For women, it is their first love, and for men, it is sign of their status and their mannish impression. Especially in India, where fashion diversities are endless owing to traditional trends along with western ones, fashion is all about creating an individual style statement that should be impressive for others. However, in India, the most impressive and distinctive fashion statements need a touch of Indian ethnicity, as the regality and grace of ethnic styles are simply invincible.

Although, the western influence in Indian has always been on the rise, yet Indian cultural and traditional styles in fashion have been the leading inspiration for the Indian fashion world. Indian ethnicity is an influential driving force for various fashion designers and many apparel-manufacturing companies, which constantly bring innovations in Indian fashion. One of such leading Indian company is Ekmatra. The company not just creatively combines ethnicity with modernity, but has a unique remarkable presence in Indian fashion world, owing to its handspun, hand-woven and handcrafted creations.

Ekmatra is latest initiative of the Sarvoday Ashram, which was founded by Rohan Lal Chaturvedi in year 1952. Inspired by Gandhi and, later, Vinoba Bhave’s Bhoodan movement, Rohan Lal Chaturvedi was one of the first few to give up his feudal landholding and lifestyle to pursue his vocation setting up a people powered organization that could not only generate employment but also carry on the inheritance of the freedom movement into modern India. Lal Bahadur Shastri, Vinoba Bhave, Sucheta Kriplani, RA Kidwai, Krishna Menon and a host of others witnessed, admired and encouraged Rohan Lal Chaturvedi to not only pursue khadi products, but they also contributed by associating themselves with the Sarvoday Ashram in many ways, the most obvious one as trustee members of the Sarvoday Ashram Trust.

The Sarvodaya Ashram’s concentration on khadi products was not by chance but by design. It was the realization that generating employment for the masses was primary; that this had to be done in a way that not only generated income for people but would also empower them. However, in the new millennium, the emblematic significance of khadi products is barely remembered if not forgotten altogether. Khadi, as a metaphor of a revolution that empowered the emancipation of a people from foreign yoke, has been replaced by its perception as a mere fabric for the masses and its role in the contemporary fashion world remains iffy. Thus, in forging the core thought behind Sarvoday Ashram with the demands of the present, Manoj Chaturvedi, son of Rohan Lal Chaturvedi, and his core team of professionals have initiated

Ekmatra sees opportunity in catapulting khadi into popular mainstream by launching a commercial and fashion face of the fabric with the belief, €In contrast to a personality – led brand, this is an organization – led brand that will usher in a fashionable avatar of khadi.€ Ekmatra emphasizes the significance of khadi and other handspun, handwoven and handcrafted fabrics. The company also gives emphasis to uniqueness of the brand and offers a large range of linen shirts, kurta pajama, formal trousers, designer suits for women, and dresses for girls, which combine the rustic elegance of Khadi with trendy, contemporary designs.

Ekmatra is indeed unique, not just with its graceful creations but also with its inspiring intentions and initiatives. Ekmatra is an Indian fashion store in true sense. Simply visit the online store of to know more about to company and to explore the entire range of modern as well as ethnic wear for men and women.

5 Alternative and Affordable Ideas for Your Fashion Presentation

The career as a fashion designer is very glamorous. You are very busy in designing clothes for events or fashion shows. You need to show your designed garments to the world and for this, you need to arrange a fashion event. You like that your designed garments to be seen very earlier. Keep in mind that presenting your designs during Fashion Week anywhere in the world is very expensive.

In early days of your career, fashion presentation costs you a lot. You need to have a proper fund for the models, space, makeup, hair, lighting, set design, videographers, photographers and many more. You new designs should not be doing well during fashion week till they start making enough money. At first, you need to sell your designed clothes and earn enough money so that you can avail the cost of presentation during the fashion week.

Fashion Shows organized across the world are the best platform for the well-settled fashion designers. In any big city like New York, there are more than 100 shows during Fashion Week. So, it is hard buyers or fashion editors to make it to all well-known fashion designers to show their designs. It would be better to organize your own event very close to the site where actual shows are taking place. It will enable to the buyers or editors to attend it and help you to save your money on your own fashion presentation.

Further, you should have a professional videographer to shoot your fashion event. Place this video on your website and blog. Live video streaming is a great option for your customers and fans who live outside on town and want to support you and be an audience of your fashion show. Follow the following 5 ideas for making your fashion show affordable. Have a look at those ideas.

‚¬Book a hotel suit for your fashion show. Ask your models to stand in the room together that can create a live fashion shoot. Standing models wearing your designed clothes will encourage buyers or fashion editors to walk around the hotel suit and have a look at.

‚¬Organize a cocktail party at a famous and popular lounge. Ask a few models to stand wearing the designs that you want to launch. You can invite your friends, family members, bloggers, buyers, local boutique owners and press to attend your cocktail party.

‚¬If you are a starter, consider to host a small invite. Ask your friends or known people at a cute local restaurant where you can arrange your fashion presentation. Both males and females love to attend your breakfast party as it comes with entertainment, your fashion show.

‚¬You can choose your local garden, park or museum for your fashion show after negotiating for space.

‚¬You can select the fashion shows organized at colleges. Get permission for the space and present your designs that you are going to launch.

Following the above mentioned tips, it is sure that you will be able to make your fashion presentation affordable and effective in your early days. It will help you to go ahead in fashion designing.

Latest Fashion Trends According to Your Fashion Style

As we tend to all apprehend, fashion are often terribly tough to follow. In an trade wherever one color, material or pattern are often insanely hot one minute and wholly out following, there’s little doubt that maintaining isn’t any straight forward task. To not worry, we’re here to assist you type through all the most recent fashion news and trends and keep you trying stylish.

Style and Fashion:

In order to build a conceptual framework to aid the understanding of the knowing of the trend of style, it is important appreciate the regards between conditions such as ‘style’ and ‘fashion’. Confusion in the uses of such term is typified by the statement ‘that is no longer in style’, when what is meant is that a particular style is no longer in fashion. A style has been defined as a type of product that has one or more specific features or characteristics that distinguish it and make it different from other products of the same type.

The ‘New Look’ was a style of dress introduced in 1947 by Christian Dior and is a good example of style that instantly became a fashion to the consuming public.

The rulers of many European nations began to set fashions that were followed by the members of their courts during thirteenth century… In France, in the mid of 1600s, King Louis XIII started wearing a wig to hide his baldness, fashionable Frenchman very soon began to shave their heads and wear wigs. After the industrial revolution began in the 18th century, the production of cloth and clothing became quick and inexpensive. Fashionable clothing styles began to spread rapidly from the upper classes to the middle and working classes. During the World War II (1909-1945) the use of various garments was restricted. Now these distinctions have broken down, especially when women claim masculine items of clothing for themselves. Trousers and tailored suits are two most popular man’s style now accepted equally by boot men and women.

Definition of Fashion:

Fashion may be a term wont to describe a mode of venture utilized by the general public of the country. A fashion remains standard for a couple of months or years before being replaced by another fashion. A product or activity is in fashion or is trendy throughout that amount of your time once an outsized phase of society accepts it. When your time, however, a similar product or activity becomes old school once the bulk of individuals now not settle for it.

Fashion artifact makers create the trendy handbags before one season, therefore on give the chance to manufacturer to share the market political economy and intelligence within the lime lightweight of fore-coming fashion trends by fashion foretelling.

A general methodology of fashion prognostication involves with some steps. In initiative, a gaggle of specialists ought to be created to outline the market intelligence and fashion prognostication, would like of article of clothing and handbags. The cluster of specialists identifies the suitable sources of such info, styles and system for the gathering, analysis and implementation of such knowledge. Specialists could meet at every collaborating center fourfold once a year to research the style info and market trends.

The way of Fashion Forecasting:

All activities of fashion forecasting can be approach approached in three ways, approach an individual, by a group of person and by a class of person.

A Fabulous Occupation Fashion Design Course Can Be Quite Thrilling

A Career in Fashion Design is extremely thrilling: handling design fashion and clothes and accessories like a daily job that you will get paid for is a big perk.Several Designers get money very well, ranging from $40-$120k annually.

For the reason that they are in charge of developing outfits that will be put into bulk production and sold by retail stores and also worn out by simply thousands and thousands.

Good Designers are typically in high demand. But entering into the particular career of fashion designing could be a challenge.

Many designers get started their profession learning fashion from any Fashion School, or undergoing some type of A Fashion design course will assist them to cultivate their own expertise as a Designer, and give all of them a look into your Fashion Sector.

Designing Fashion isn’t just about possessing ideas, it’s about understanding what people want to dress in, exactly how clothing is made, knowing the supply chain, and how the retail industry works.

Finding out how to draw your inventive style concepts in a way that people understand is important. Several fashion design course teach these types of techniques.

Illustrating outfits on the stick shape won’t cut it in the profession. You need to be capable of talk the fit, the material, the outline as well as the sense on the clothe. How is it put on your body? How exactly does it look on the body?

A Fashion Design Study course or maybe a good e-book in fashion can teach you the best way to draw your own styles expertly by using a fashion crouqui, or even design shape, along with how to convey your own styles on the fashion specs linen.

A Fashion requirements page conveys all the details of your layout, in order that a clothing maker can make the actual dress. This really is essential for any Designer to know how clothing is manufactured, and the ways to speak their particular contemporary design tricks to a supplier.

A lot of fashion designers start off as junior style assistants or fashion design shop assistants, and their work could include drawing up specs sheets for the senior designer.

As soon as a designer is skilled doing this, he/she can climb the company ladder and gradually handle little areas to design.

Sometimes a artist will be provided just one group to development intended for: this may be jean material, or knitwear for instance. A lot more success an artist has in the type, the greater responsibility he/she is offered in the organization.

In the end the success of a fashion artist will depend on how well the particular designs sell in a retail store arena.

The final profession advice for budding designers is always to understand what people desire to wear. Starting a fashion course, reading fashion magazines and books and going through work experience in the market can all make it possible to grow your talent being a Fashion Designer, and build a promising career.

Women’s Fashion, Fashion Trends, and Lifestyle Tips With Glitter Inc.

Women’s fashion is one of the most talked about topics on the Internet. Every year, millions of women discuss the latest trends, clothing items, and accessories on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Clothing blogs, websites, and fashion forums are also popular places for women to converse about clothing on the Internet.

One of the most well-regarded women’s lifestyle blogs is Glitter Inc. Besides fashion, Glitter’s writing staff covers do-it-yourself projects, weddings, popular events, design, and, shoes. The website’s content is divided into different sections, which makes browsing to find a particular blog post extremely easy. Glitter also maintains a Facebook profile, Twitter account, Instagram portfolio, and Pinterest board.

Lifestyle Content

Glitter’s lifestyle bloggers write posts that help readers organize their closets and decorate their homes. For example, one of the most popular posts on the website is devoted to teaching women how to clean out their shoe closet for the summer.

Another recent lifestyle post offers advice on how working women can better manage their hectic lives. Some of the author’s time-saving tips include writing everything down, wearing a watch, and getting the proper amount of sleep each night.

Glitter Inc.’s Founder

Glitter’s founder is a fashion enthusiast named Lexi. Lexi, who works during the day as a lawyer, spends her evenings tracking the latest Fashion Trends. She is an aspiring novelist, and just welcomed her first child into her life.

In the past, Lexi has collaborated with some of the fashion world’s biggest names. Popular brands like Target, T.J. Maxx, Kohl’s, Old Navy, Staples, and Sony have used Lexi’s fashion expertise and business acumen to grow various projects and campaigns.

Glitter Inc.’s Business Services

One of the most unique aspects of Glitter Inc. Is that the website offers consulting services for fashion boutiques and small clothing companies looking to grow their online profile. Glitter’s team regularly assists brands with public relations outreach, social media management, and blogging. Glitter also helps clients with online monetization, creative planning, copywriting, e-mail newsletters, and organizational issues, too.

And, because Glitter’s founder is a practicing lawyer, the Florida-based fashion and lifestyle blog has also helped clients negotiate contracts, launch creative campaigns, navigate through verbose fair use policies, and maintain proper FTC guidelines.

Glitter’s Etsy Shop

In an effort to make her website a comprehensive fashion experience, Lexi recently launched her first online store through Glitter Inc. This online shop is stocked with a wide variety of unique jewelry options. The Black Gold Skull Macrame Bracelet, for example, is a handmade bracelet that is distinguished by gold-colored skull beads. Some of Miami’s socialites and celebrities have been seen wearing this bracelet, as well as some of the other handmade options available at Glitter.

Cool Socks for My Girls

My kids have everything, it seems. Their father and I are divorced, and his side of the family tend to spoil them a bit too much. I don’t say anything because I don’t want to be the bad guy, and also because I do understand why they do this. I sometimes spoil them myself, even though I want them to know they have to work for what they want. When I saw custom Nike elite socks during one of my online shopping trips though, I knew I was going to make one of my rare splurges on both of them.

I had a feeling that they would both really like the socks that I had found for a few different reasons. The first is because they are both little fashionistas, and they love being unique in their fashion sense. When I saw the socks, I knew that they were exactly what both of my girls would really like. Continue reading →

Jewelry Pieces Make a Huge Impact

Jewelry Pieces Make a Huge ImpactBig, bold, statement accessories have been a staple in fashion for seasons. But there has been a change in the tide; the less is more approach. The biggest impact you can make now is with delicate, dainty, barely jewelry pieces.

Because these pieces are so thin and light, you want to focus on selecting higher quality pieces. Look for solidly constructed pieces with high-quality metals and settings for a put-together look. You want these pieces to look intentionally styled vs. haphazardly thrown on. Also, seek out pieces that have interesting, yet soft elements such as small stones or intriguing characteristics.

If you are still looking for a more substantial look, feel free to layer pieces together. Combine metal finishes, textures, and colors to create your own custom look. But don’t go too heavy on the layering, it isn’t “arm party” season anymore.

Go big by going thin with these seven delicate jewelry pieces.

Gold Earrings

Opt for a cool, edgy ear jacket over a regular earring to bring extra flair to this delicate piece. These BaubleBar ear jackets for perfect for testing out this trend.

Silver Bracelet

Pave, or small repeating diamond details, is a great way to elevate the look of your outfit. This simple Michael Kors bracelet has just the right touch of elegance.

Gold Ring

Spread some love with this delicate 18k + sterling silver delicate open heart ring from Urban Outfitters. This is another fun, and inexpensive, way to try out this trend.

Mixed Metal Necklace

Ignore that old rule about not mixing metals and get with the times. Mixed metals are a very chic accent to any outfit. Try your hand with this Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace.

Gold Bracelet

Add a splash of color with this Vince Camuto gold-tone stone delicate open cuff bracelet. This dainty piece uses small stone in varying shades to create a subtle statement.

Silver Ring

The simplicity of this Maria Black Mondrian oxidized silver ring makes it special. The finish and clean lines make a statement without trying too hard.

Gold Pendant Necklace

Have fun with this trend by sporting a playful pendant. This elephant pendant necklace by SHY by Sydney Evan from Bergdorf Goodman is a lighthearted piece for a airy trend.